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Woah, it’s been one year! Over one year actually! And what a crazy year it has been. Who would have thought that Plague Inc. would turn out to be a realistic simulation? Not me for sure. And remember that one time I started a blog and then forgot about it? Good times. Starting one is easy, but posting on it on a regular basis? Ha!

import random, time

person = Person(name="Twentysix")

while person.is_alive:
    if person.is_serial_procrastinator:
        time_to_post = random.randint(0, 500) == 26
        if time_to_post:
    time.sleep(2629800) # Maybe next month!


But yeah, what a year. Back in Jan / Feb I’ve been doing some convincing at my workplace to start experimenting work from home on a regular basis, little did I know that a few weeks later the whole world would start working from home. Well, the lucky ones who can anyway. All things considered I think I’ve been very fortunate in these recent events and I’m thankful for it. I was able to keep my job, my company turned full WFH with good results. In fact, they’re considering allowing it as a choice in the future when things finally go back to normal. Life slowed down significantly. In a good way. This whole shitstorm did have some positive side effects too and this is one of them: it gave me a lot more time to enjoy my hobbies and everything else that isn’t the daily go-to-the-office and go-back-home routine. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing my colleagues from time to time but freedom and time flexibility is something that I rate very highly. This really made me realize how wasteful and how outdated as a concept going to a office every single day is. We live in 2020 for fuc█’s sake, we have the tools to do this!

> Distractions

My timing in rebuilding my gaming PC has been incredibly on point. Granted, I’m an introvert living on my own so social isolation was really a “I’ve been training my whole life for this!” moment for me, but social VR really helped in keeping human contact when I could barely get out of my house to get groceries. It was also a very interesting (and sad) experience: I have friends from all over the world on there and slowly, one by one, the lives of each one of them have been impacted. Some lost people close to them and once again, I’m very thankful for how lucky I’ve been so far. knocks wood We, as Italy, have been among the first ones to get hit by it, and in the months afterwards I could tell, even by just talking to the people on there, how this was slowly spreading absolutely everywhere. It was disappointing to see that us getting hit this hard wasn’t a good enough warning for some countries to start taking serious and drastic precautions. We aren’t fully out of the hot waters yet, in fact infections have been rising lately, but it’s much better than the initial stages. All things considered I can say that I’m very proud of how my country, and its people, have dealt with this catastrophic event.

> This blog

Will I post more here? Ha! Who knows. I like writing but I tend to obsess a bit too much about how perfect a post must be, as if I’m publishing a best seller or something. I’ve just remade this whole thing with Jekyll, I felt like the old one needed a makeover. Great piece of software for someone with the web design skills of a potato, such as myself, because there are lots of free themes ready to be modified: jekyll-theme-console is the one I’ve chosen and customized. I like the minimalistic and dev-y feel of it. Well, until next time fellow reader. Which is likely between one month and two years from now ;)