cat ~/projects.yml
Red - Discord Bot:
- description: Multifunction Discord bot with plugin support
- alive: true
- additional info: red-info.txt

- description: My plugins for Red Discord Bot v2
- alive: false
- additional info: false

- description: My plugins for Red Discord Bot v3
- alive: true
- additional info: false

- description: Indexing system for Red cogs / repos
- alive: true
- additional info: false

- description: [EXPUNGED]
- alive: true
- additional info: [EXPUNGED]
cat ~/red-info.txt

Red is a multifunction Discord bot that I created back in 2016. It is the first major project that I published and one of the accomplishments I’m the most proud of. It has grown from being a little project on a nobody’s repo to forming an entire community of developers and users around it. It made me grow into a better developer (when I started I was a Python novice!) and teached me many many things. Red has connected a lot of people from all over the world and helped many embrace development as a career and/or a hobby. I’m the server owner of the main Discord server and co-owner of Cog-Creators, the GitHub organization of people that keeps this project alive.

The story of how it started, pt I (I swear I will finish this one day!)