cat ~/about.yml
full name: ██████ ████████
alias: Twentysix
DOB: ██/██/199█
sex: M
place of residence: ████████, Italy
profession: ██████████
personality type: INFP-A
 - Software development
 - Technology
 - Virtual Reality
 - Nature
 - PC Gaming
cat ~/presentation.txt

Hey there. I am a ██ years old guy from Italy known on the internet as Twentysix. Building software is something that fascinated me since I have first touched a PC, which is quite a while ago now. Other than that I enjoy technology, VR and, when I step outside the door, nature. Oh and videogames of course, mainly on PC, I’ve been playing since the good old NES times. Python is my bread and butter but I like to experiment with all sorts of languages and technologies, including web dev. I’m a jack of all trades and quite decent at a few :) In this website you can find out more about my projects and read some of my ramblings.

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